Everything to Know About the Upcoming iPhone 13

The iPhone 12 is not even a full year old yet, and Apple is already hard at work promoting their newest mobile gadget, the 13th edition of the iPhone set to launch in September of this year. It is no surprise, really, considering the company is a genius at everything they do, specifically marketing.

Although the smartphone is still in the development and manufactory stages of production, the device is already rumoured to be better than its predecessor in more than a few ways as its updated specs could support that idea.

Let’s dive into all the details we have so far concerning the tech giant’s latest masterpiece.

Specs, Camera, and Battery Life

One of the biggest upgrades users may see in the iPhone 13 is the possibility of 1TB storage, the equivalent of approximately 8 iPhone devices of 128 GB. That is a lot of room.

Adding to this, the mobile is expected to boast an A15 Bionic processor, a 50000mAh battery, and perhaps even the world’s first under screen camera, clearly a major level up from the 12.

Although the iPhone is not generally known as a top mobile for gaming, the 13th version is clearly out to flip that notion on its head. The device’s next generation CPU combined with its extended battery life supports the modern gamer’s desire to stay connected without lags, interruptions, or delays.

This means every competitive gaming experience remains consistently smooth, whether the user is practicing their poker skills online with PokerStars to prepare for physical environments in casinos, or engaging in highly-ranked shooter titles on iOS like Call of Duty Mobile to sharpen combat skills. Any game is well-supported on this phone, and buyers will see it as the best Apple smartphone yet for gaming.

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