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Hi my name is Nytram Dixon-Baker the Owner of Sports/Street fashion brand CAN Official.

My company is more than a brand, its a mentality here to inspire all generations to have a CAN do attitude in whatever you want to achieve. One short word that we use casually every day but don’t always take advantage of.
As someone that has gone through so many trials and tribulations in life I have questioned myself on a lot of occasions on whether I could so certain things.
CAN is a mindset, CAN is a goal, CAN is no limitations.
I have a section on my website dedicated to mental health called CAN we talk. Its an anonymous platform where people share there mental health experiences without feeling alone.

I also have an advertisement attached which shows exactly what my brand is all about.

Please check out and follow my below handles if you have any interest or message me directly if you have any further questions. I dont only want support just because in black, I want people to actually like the products and like what CAN is all about

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