Modern House Design Ideas

Modern House design Ideas

There are many modern home design ideas that we can discuss. Here we have outlined some key examples of modern house design ideas that you can incorporate in your new home design.

Alternative Materials
Modern House Materials
Color or Lack of Color
Consistency and Contrast
Modern Vernacular Home design
Fabric Building or Object Building
Passive House Design
Sustainable House Design
Smart Home Technology
Kinetic Architecture & Automated Systems
Commercial Products and Features
Modern Roof Decks
Connecting Indoor and Outdoor Spaces
Open Plan
Double Height Living Room
Open Kitchen Design
Modern Kitchens and Bathrooms
Home Gardens
Build Well

Alternative Materials for Modern Home Design

Building materials are a key factor for modern home design. We recommend considering some alternative building materials for home design. Here are a few materials you can look into:

Steel Frame
Shipping Container Homes
Metal Insulated Panels
Modern house design does not only mean a house that looks modern. We highly recommend modern structural materials. At our firm we tend to do very little wood frame construction. The structure of the house is as important as the look of the house.

Here is a fiberglass house prototype I designed.

Modern House design Ideas Exterior

This is a concrete house we did in the flood zone in New York.

Modern Concrerte House design

Modern House Materials Exterior Design

You do not have to use new composite materials or alternative materials for a modern house design. Using simple materials or even some traditional materials can be quite modern.

List of modern exterior building materials:

Stucco, Traditional Stucco or Synthetic Stucco
Modern Fiber Cement Siding
Fiber Cement Panels
Stone used in a modern way
Modern Bricks, Recycled bricks can actually be quite modern with a contrasting look
Fiberglass Panels or FRP
GFRC Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete
Exposed Concrete, pored in place or precast concrete
Metal panels, steel, aluminum, titanium, zinc, etc…
Glass Walls, store front or curtain wall
Modern Wood Siding……..

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