Partner Program

Welcome to the Goodlife Cooperative Partner Program

Goodlife Cooperative is a referral and network marketing company offering today’s busy women and men a fabulous and fun career alternative. Are you ready to be in control of your future, your income level, and your schedule? Becoming a Goodlife Cooperative Independent Consultant provides a business opportunity to achieve those goals!


There are no minimum sales requirements in Goodlife Cooperative. So you do not have to achieve any sales quota to remain a Goodlife Cooperative consultant.


It’s free no set up cost nor any subscription, you just have to sign up.


You don’t need any money to join our system, but if you want to see the full potential of what our system has to offer then it’s advisable you choose one of our paid packages. Choose the one that suits your budget.


We also know that some of you are super stars, ready to build a business capable of creating real wealth for you and your future. Goodlife Cooperative is the place to achieve any level of success you wish. It is all up to you. The Goodlife Cooperative team is ready to back you up and support your personal achievement.


Everything is included to get you up and running with your new Goodlife Cooperative business as quickly as possible.


Are you ready to join the Goodlife Cooperative Team? We welcome any questions you may have and are ready to make sure you understand the Goodlife Cooperative opportunity.


Goodlife Cooperative is honoured to offer an opportunity for all men and women of 18 years and above, stay at home moms & dads and others who may not otherwise have the opportunity to build their own successful business. It’s truly a privilege to have a part in helping others to attain their financial future and to us, this makes everything worth it. We invite you to start living your dreams with this FUN, FLEXIBLE, REWARDING and LUCRATIVE Goodlife Cooperative OPPORTUNITY.


We provide you with the TOOLS and SUPPORT you need to help you succeed personally, professionally and financially while enriching your lives and the lives you touch!