Venice, Visit The Most Beautiful City In Europe

Venice, Visit The Most Beautiful City In Europe

Visit Venice

Venice is a city in north-eastern Italy and has good transport connections by both air and road (last part to Venice city itself is usually by boat!). The city has been described by Time Magazine as ‘undoubtedly the most beautiful city built by man’. An opinion I would be inclined to share.

Explore Venice

Here we can do little except outline the main highlights – an entire set of encyclopedias would not be enough to cover every important historical monument in detail.

More importantly, we should convey the great beauty of the city of venice! The pleasure of simply strolling the streets, walking alongside the canals and pausing in a cafe is perhaps unequalled by any other city in the world!

View along the famous Grand Canal

The monuments which are most-visited are the Basilica di San Marco and the Palazzo Ducale. The Basilica di San Marco (Saint Marks basilica) is the great cathedral in Venice in the Byzantine architectural style – it is also the most famous and recognisable among the churches in the city, along with the other buildings that line the water-fronting Saint Mark’s Square (Piazza San Marco) in the centre of Venice.

Away from Saint Mark’s Square along the Grand Canal the Rialto Bridge is another very great architectural highlight.
Venice is of course famous throughout the world for its romantic canals lined with magnificent palaces. The city is built on an archipelago of 118 islands and 177 canals in a shallow lagoon. About 400 bridges connect the islands where the city is built. Even though it is already urban, Venice is a car-free place. This becomes unique in the 21st century where truck and motorcars abound. Other city transport is also usually on boats that travel along the main canals through the city.

Venetian palazzos ornate stonework windows

There are many other notable tourist spots in Venice scattered around the piazzas, canals and alleys with many palazzo, museums, churches and bridges to discover.

Despite the relatively small size of central Venice it is easy to become a little disorientated and lose your way in the complex web of back alleys and canals that can very easily trick you into walking around in circles. Don’t worry though! You won’t come to any harm, you will see parts of the city you might have otherwise missed, and sooner or later your narrow alley will suddenly emerge in front of one of the great landmarks of the city.

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